Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2019

Every year around this time, we find ourselves on a constant Google search for a fun Halloween costume. It has to be better than last year’s, creative and simple enough to pull off at home. Even though we’re sure we’ll see plenty of Pennywise the Clown costumes roaming the spooky streets this year, we usually like to try a less obvious route.

Naturally, we usually look to Instagram or youtube beauty blogs to find some amazing Halloween makeup ideas so here are a few our favorites for Halloween 2020!

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Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2019


Spacing on how to dress up for Halloween this year? How about some dangerously glamorous, celestial/galaxy inspired makeup? Both professional and amateur makeup artists have been covering their faces with constellations, galaxies and planets and the results are out-of-this-world beautiful.

The idea is to dust the middle of your face (from your brow bones to your eyes to the bridge of your nose) with purple, blue, and pink eye shadows (try the shimmer-filled try using our bombshell & glitter eyeshadow palettes) to look like space. Then, you draw stars along your cheeks with white liquid eye liner!


Local, Vancouver based makeup artist Mimi Choi is a fave of ours. Her amazing portfolio of work speaks for itself. Over the last few years she has gain international recognition for her stunning masterpieces and her facial transformations has continued to grow, with each new look showcasing her expert artistry and limitless imagination.

From crazy contortions to trippy textures, Choi’s trompe-l’œil looks are sure to make you do a double-take. Using a range of liquid eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks, and body paint, Choi’s clever creations are often inspired by surrealist artists and photographers.


This makeup tutorial isn’t pretty. If you don’t feel like being glamorous this year, but instead wish to embrace all things scary and TERRIFY your friends this year, check out this sewed mouth shut makeup tutorial.

You will need Liquid Latex, white face paint, toilet paper, tissues, or paper towels, makeup, acrylic paint, face paint, paint brushes, Q-tips and black thread and a needle. This makeup look is very scary but not 100% ideal if you are a chatty Cathy that likes to socialize at parties. Prepare not to speak as much as you normally would!



For those of you who like to plan things… never and usually end up throwing something together last minute, here are a few last minute, easy, beginner makeup tutorials, just for you!

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