10 Must-Have Makeup Brushes: Everyday Essentials Set

‘Everyday Essentials’ is a 10-piece, vegan and cruelty-free, face and eye makeup brush set with a snazzy soft pink carry case. It provides you with all the essential tools that you need (and more!) to complete your full-face makeup look.

Keep reading for a peek at the different brushes available in this set!

1. Powder Makeup Brush

powder brush is generally a thick, full-fibered brush—either synthetic or natural—that has the versatility to perform a multitude of beauty jobs. This omnipresent makeup brush (you can hardly find a makeup set without it) is an important tool to have in your makeup arsenal.

To use a powder brush for foundation, dip the brush into the powdered product—applicable for both pressed and loose powders—and swirl in circles or sweeping strokes until you achieve even coverage. Pro tip: it’s easier to ensure adequate application if you start in the middle of your face and work your way out.

2. Blending Brush

This multipurpose brush gives face and cheek powders a soft, airbrushed look. It blends face powders, bronzers, and blushes seamlessly onto skin for a natural-looking finish. It also delivers a smooth finish when applying cheek and face powders and glides highlight and glow powders on skin evenly for a natural look.

blending brush

3. Contour Brush

Contouring is a makeup application skill every beauty lover should know, but one that takes practice to perfect. Worst-case scenario when you’re attempting a good contour? Dark, unblended streaks. But we’ve got your back so you’ll never leave the house a two-toned nightmare. This is why it is important to use an angled brushe rather than flat brushes because they allow you to follow the natural curves of your face.

4. Flat Foundation Brush

A flat top foundation brush for applying liquid makeup will make application quicker, easier, and give you airbrushed-look, flawless, results. The flat top makeup brush can (and should) also be used when applying sheer powders and blushes too.

Take your favourite foundation and dab a small amount the size of a small coin on the back of your non-dominant hand. Dip your brush into the foundation. A perfect flat top foundation brush is soft bristled, densely packed, synthetic, and antibacterial.

Flat Foundation Brush

5. Blusher Brush

A blush brush is surprisingly similar to a powdered brush. Brushes for blush are generally a little stubbier, however, as they are covering a smaller area than a powder brush. When applying blush, try to avoid Raggedy-Ann-reminiscent red circles on your cheeks.

To avoid the doll look, diffuse blush outward while applying to the apples of your cheeks. Start with light pressure and test out the pigmentation on your wrist or the back of your hand. It’s much easier to build color than it is to wipe it away after it’s already been applied.

6. Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is a small makeup brush meant for applying and blending out liquid, cream, and powder concealer formulas. Typically, a concealer brush features a small brush head with densely packed bristles and a flat, tapered shape at the end. Complete with a long handle, this beauty tool gives you maximum control making it super easy to provide desired areas of your face with even coverage. Its small shape also allows you to reach every inch of your skin so you can place the product right where you need it.

7.  Fluffy Blending Brush

To create a natural gradient of colors, use fluffy blender eye makeup brush. After shadow and eye liner application, use this eye makeup brush to give a natural finish as it expertly blends the colors. This is a great pick for creating smokey eye and dramatic look. You get tapered or rounded fluffy brush for blending. The fluffy eye makeup brush can be used for blending with or without product.

8. Flat Eyeshadow Brush

A flat eyeshadow brush is actually key for getting an opaque, even layer of color on your lids. These brushes are typically flat, rounded at the tip, and dense so they can pick up a bunch of powder or cream for a concentrated color payoff.

9. Crease Brush

Unlike a shader brush, which essentially packs on the pigments to get your lids a ton of color, an eyeshadow blending brush, well, blends out the powders for a really sheer, diffused finish—basically the smoke behind a smokey eye or the trick to a natural-looking shadow. These brushes are known for their tapered shape and soft, fluffy bristles to help you really blend, blend, and blend without scratching the hell out of your lids.

After rubbing the brush over the product, pat or press the eyeshadow onto your eyelids, gently swirling the brush around the edges to blend them out for the most coverage.

10. Detail Brush

For the precise placement and blending of powder or cream products we recommend using a detail eyeshadow brush. Fantastic when used damp with eyeshadow for a more concentrated application of pigment. Also great for adding a detailed highlight under the brow or inner corners of the eye, or a shadow along the lash line.

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